These 25+ Funny Comics By Theodd1sout Have The Most Unexpected Endings

When he was in high school, James Rallison (“The Odd 1s Out”) wasn’t partying or winning football games like his older brother. Instead, he posted comics on the internet. It has been over 6 years since he uploaded his first strip, and we thought it’s about time we present to you his work. Just like James’ nickname, they’re a little odd. But in a good way. Dealing with a wide variety of themes, including romance, parenting, and many many more, the strips often take unexpected twists and turns, constantly keeping the reader guessing where the next panel will take them. James still posts webcomics, although less frequently than he used to due to most of his time being occupied by YouTube. Let’s hope he can strike a balance between the two mediums! Scroll down to check out his stuff and upvote your favorite pieces!

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