Blue Ivy Just Pulled An Adorable Prank On Her Grandma, Tina Lawson

Blue Ivy Carter can bid $19,000 on art, sip colorful drinks on yachts and rock gorgeous gowns like it’s no big deal.

But she can also pull an adorable prank on her grandma, Tina Lawson, like any kid without billion-dollar parents might do. 

Lawson shared a video on Tuesday that showed that the eldest daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z made her a breakfast that looked like plain ol’ scrambled eggs with ham and a side of sausage.

But, as you’ll see in the video, Blue Ivy and her friend actually whipped up a dish of HANDS and eggs ― that is, tiny plastic hands that freaked out her grandmother. Just listen to Blue Ivy’s little laugh in the background when Lawson calls her out. 

“‘Ham and eggs ’ NO hands and eggs ! My grandbaby pranked me !!” Lawson captioned the adorable video. 

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Someone has taught the little one well. Commenters clearly loved Blue Ivy’s jokes. 

“She tried to kill mama Tina lmaoo,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Haaaa too funny! Now if you find a doll’s head, y’all might need to have a conversation.” 

Earlier in the day, Lawson posted a sweet photo to mark her daughter Beyoncé’s 37th birthday. 

“On this day you were 4 months old and i couldn’t even control the excitement and pride and the all encompassing love i felt for you, my first born,” she captioned the cute photo. “Sometimes i can’t believe out of all the incredible people in the world i was chosen by God to be your mom❤️!”

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Let’s just hope Blue Ivy didn’t give her mom any of her “hands and eggs” this morning ― or at least someone gave her a fair warning to watch out for that plastic! 

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